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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Portal

Go to the official web-page of the Project on Promoting Integration of Syrian Kids into the Turkish Education System on Click on “Login” button on the top right. Additionally, you can copy and paste the following link to the address bar to reach the Catch-up Training Management Module:

You can log in using your T.R. ID number or the institution code. If you log in for the first time, use the password “123456”. After logging in, please change your password.

Catch-UP Trainings

Catch-up trainings are provided for 3 - 10th grader Syrian students, who are academically unsuccessful, repeating a grade level or in need of academic support at primary schools, secondary schools, Imam Hatip secondary schools or other official secondary schools under the Ministry of National Education.

Trainings can be opened under the body of the official educational institutions for Syrian students going to primary, secondary schools and secondary education institutions.

Catch-up Trainings start as of 25 September 2017 and ends on 30 June 2018 at the latest. Trainings are conducted on a weekly schedule of 8 hours, making a total of 300 hours.

Catch-up training schedule for 3-4th grades is comprised of 4 hours of Turkish, 2 hours of Mathematics, 2 hours of Sciences; making a total of 8 hours per week. Catch-up training schedule for 5-8th grades is comprised of 4 hours of Turkish, 2 hours of Math, 2 hours of Sciences; making a total of 8 hours per week. Catch up training schedule for 9-10th grades is comprised of 8 hours per week for 3 separate groups. Students pick the courses from the groups separated as follows: Group 1 - 9thGrade: Mathematics (4 hours), Physics (2 hours), Chemistry (2 hours) Group 2 - 9th Grade: Mathematics (4 hours), Turkish Language and Literature (2 hours), Geography (2 hours) Group 3 - 10th Grades: Mathematics (4 hours), Turkish Language and Literature (2 hours), Language and Expression (2 hours).

Teachers assigned to catch-up trainings can teach for a maximum of 40 hours, including their weekly teaching duty. For example; if the weekly course hours of a teacher is 24 hours, that teacher can be assigned to at most 16 hours of catch-up trainings; if the weekly course hours of a teacher is 30 hours; that teacher can teach for up to 10 hours at catch-up trainings.

According to the Decision No. 9 of 20.02.2014 of the Presidency of the Board of Education and Training; teachers can apply to teach courses which are included in the scope of their branches.

School administrators managing catch-up training activities receive 6 hours of additional course payment per week and they are not assigned to teaching duties.

Additional course payment for catch-up trainings is identified as TRY 26 (gross) in the scope of the project.

Teachers who want to work at catch-up trainings apply to their Provincial Project Coordination Teams through their institutions by specifying the preferences of the catch-up training centre they want to work at. Provincial project coordination teams form a commission to open catch-up trainings and to carry out necessary procedures. The Commission consists of at least 3 persons under the Presidency of the Provincial Project Coordinator. The Commission examines and approves the applications of candidates and after relevant evaluations, assigns teachers to schools requesting teachers for catch-up trainings.